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Ceramic Paint Protection

Mobile Car Valeting now offer their newest Paint Protection Service

Prices start at £195+VAT for your car to be ceramic coated using the latest Nano technology, this service offers discerning vehicle owners a chance to show that they really care for their investment.

Dependant on the vehicle paintwork condition each vehicle needs a comprehensive stage by stage preparation in order to receive the ceramic coating. Once the coating is applied the vehicle should not be washed for 10 days. The only way to remove the ceramic coating is to use abrasive polishing techniques.

Our ceramic coating helps to protect your vehicles paintwork from the rigors of everyday life. The coating can actually be measured by a paint thickness gauge.

Please call you local MCV Operator for further information.

Supa Gard fabric and paint protection Approved by BMW and Mercedes Benz

Supa Gard is a Sealant Protection System which is designed to protect the vital components of your car such as the paintwork and interior upholstery from long-term damage, resulting in maximum driving pleasure throughout the course of ownership and the best possible selling price at the time of sale.

The case for a vehicle paint protection system:

The way your car is cared for from day one has significant influence in determining the appearance and overall health of your vehicle, ultimately playing an important role in your vehicle's re-sale value as well as the pleasure of ownership.The minute your car leaves the confines of that brightly lit showroom and enter the 'real world', it is constantly attacked by the numerous pollutants present within your driving environment such as break dust from the wheels, tree sap, water and many more, all of which, with the passage of time, gradually bond to the paint surface and lead to common problems such as oxidization and lack-luster.

The Supa Gard protection system is designed to provide long-term protection of your vehicles most exposed and vulnerable components such as the paintwork and upholstery , the pleasure of ownership as well as re-sale value of your vehicle can be maintained at its peak during the course of ownership until the end.

Supa Gard : The Process

Paintwork protection :- At the heart of the Supa Gard system is the paint sealant, a unique protective coating which is applied to the complete bodywork to provide maximum resistance to environmental hazards in even the most severest weather and whilst exuding a deep gloss finish. The protection element of the sealant makes it difficult for any pollutant to bond with the valuable exterior paint surfaces whilst the glossy water repellant coating will ensure a longer lasting mirror finish.

Supa Gard Exterior - Guide Price From £125.00 + VAT

Upholstery protection :- Upholstery and carpets are treated with an invisible waterproof coating to seal out moisture and resist staining. Any accidental spillage such as coffee or cola will simply bead on the surface, making it possible to clean the effected area without danger of permanent staining. The coating also provides the same kind of protection as the sealant(see above) making it much easier to remove any dirt.

Supa Gard Interior - Guide Price From £75.00 + VAT