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Ultra-Proofing - Restoring the protective surface barrier

Most new soft-tops (fabric or vinyl) are usually chemically treated at the time of manufacturing to repel water and contamination such as bird droppings and tree sap (think of it as 'Scothguard' for the roof). Over time and with exposure of the roof to the elements, causes the protective layer to gradually wear off, thus leaving it vulnerable to pre-mature fading and staining.

If your car is more than 6 months old (about 10 for cars with low usage), our Ultra Proofing service can help in restoring this protective layer using similar products and techniques that are used at the time of their production. Not only can this help in making sure that the roof on your vehicle looks great for longer but it can also help in maximizing its re-sale value.

HELP! Not sure if it is time for your soft-top to be re-protected? Watch out for signs of small puddles or water spots after a rain-shower. If the soft-top is not beading water as it previously did, it is a sign that the protection has worn off.

Available treatments: Fabric or Vinyl

Guide Price From £195.00 + VAT


Discoloration and Scratch-removal for Plastic Windows

One of the disadvantages of owning a soft-top vehicle is the reduction in rear-visibility

and the overall attractiveness of your vehicle due to the scratches and cloudiness that the rear plastic windows builds up over time with the open-close motion of the fabric roof.

Renovo Plastic Window Polish has been developed especially for minimizing the cloudiness that accumulates over time as a result of the window's reaction with acid-rain and bird-dropping residuals.

Guide Price From £45.00 + VAT


Soft Top cleaning and contamination removal

If your soft-top has not been properly cared for, you may have found that a lot of the contaminants have dried and become embedded within the surface. This can significantly decrease the overall attractiveness of your vehicle as well as your own driving pleasure.

If the soft-top on your vehicle has lost its visual appeal, try our Soft top Deep-Cleaning service to give it a new breathe of life! Using gel-based cleaners and bespoke brushes, we can provide a gentle yet effective treatment for your soft-top to leave it looking cleaner and refreshed.

Guide Price From £195.00 + VAT